Three Hummock Island is reached by air or sea.  The island has an excellent airstrip (built for Telstra when the island served as a relay point for earlier communication systems).  Charter flights can be arranged from mainland Australia or mainland Tasmania.  On the island you will be driven from the plane/boat to your accommodation by the Managers.

Charter Plane from Melbourne
The pilots are based at Lilydale airport, but can collect you from Melbourne’s other airports if desired.

If you are holidaying in the area, you may like to make Three Hummock Island part of your itinerary.

Charter Plane from mainland Tasmania

Charter Helicopter from Stanley, Tasmania

Charter Boat from nearby Smithton, Tasmania

Please contact us so we can provide you with a price guide for your transport.  This will vary depending on the number of passengers, your point of origin and desired mode of transport.  Our transport providers are all trusted partners who know the island, its airstrip (and if you’re coming by boat - the surrounding waters) very well.

    Please contact the Managers, John and Beverley O’Brien, for more information

    Phone: 03 6452 1405 | Email: