Many paths on the island take you to locations of exceeding beauty. By climbing some 237 metres up South Hummock - the highest point - you can take in a view of the island, nearby Hunter Island and Tasmania.

The stunning beaches and coves, with rolling surf breaks, are punctuated by rocky granite outcrops. Fish are plentiful in the waters around the island, as are crayfish and abalone.

Birdlife abounds on the island, with over 90 species recorded.  Wild ducks, black swans and eagles frequent the small lakes behind the sand dunes lining the beaches. A wide variety of sea birds are seen around the coast, including international visitors that come to the Island to breed. Shearwaters (Moonbirds) are a spectacular sight as they return in thousands to their rookeries at dusk during summer. Penguins can be observed making their nightly trip up the beach, past the homestead, to their nests.

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Photograph by Erika Johnson